Utility bags (man bag) are now essesntial to every gentleman, it is only right to not have your pockets swollen like a man on a war path, such bags were developed to answer the needs of that ideal gentleman who wants a classy yet versatile supply bag that had flexible carrying options and works very well as that statement detail.


IMG_3763-2 I have been going on  about running a new online vintage store for over a year now via the blog , the good news is its not a talk anymore . I am busting my back to get the store running before the end of January and my heart’s desire is that  we get to roll out properly when the time comes. People steadily ask me about my vintage finds and for some reason no amount of recommendations fill the cup so I decided to create a platform where individuals could select items curated exclusively by me and the freshwallstreet team . The store is going to stock vintage and retro leather goods, pocket squares and bags for both  genders . As we pick up steam there is a possibility of a menswear blazer section that will stock  high end tailored vintage blazers . I want to thank you guys for making…

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