hvrminn-fw13-05-539x630 ♣ Bring on the exaggeration ! I am completely in love with New York brand Hvrmin debut ready to wear collection . Exquisite tailoring and majestic lapels makes this collection a personal favorite . I basically chucked out all my slim ties when I fell in love with the majestic presence of a wide lapel , they are as bold as a man should be . The cut on the exaggerated lapels on the shawl  collared jacket is a winner, and the little detail on the sleeves is my idea of a perfect tweak   . i  applaud Hvrmin for sticking to the classics and not leaving any  stone unturned  right down to the perfectly styled look book .

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This is a must have piece for dapper lads, for it is properly versatile not to even mention the avant garde idea behind the art (well that’s what I think) Hella proper though, that’s enough convincing!


serve (3)No disrespect but honestly speaking American apparel was the last place imagined me drooling over print shirts. These maze effect print shirts are amazing! The subtle print pattern will make perfect for pairing with a blazer; I am totally getting a order in on these babies.♣

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