#son of KHUMBULA

#son of KHUMBULA


The people of Khumbula : Bafana, Andile and David

By Phirima Motaung 
I call them the monochrome people of the coming era, where fashion statements will be made with # hash-tag too nice for this timeline. They are group of nostalgic citizens who live under the shadows of Sophia’s-town and Uncle Tom’s abounded vision. 
They appreciate the finer things in life. Everybody who once came in contact with these soldiers of the cloth will tell you how they rap around any piece with confidence and appreciation the contour line marked by the vintage Singer’s sewing machines made in New york times. 

So like any tribes that exist in Africa’s metallic pot they have a totem, which I am forbidden to parade and print in public avenues. Remember we are in Africa wHere somethings are only discussed under the golden fireplace and spectators must be anointed with green olives and other remedy presented by the royal house of that tribe. 

Then I will only mention the name of the tribe, Bafana, Andile & David belong to the Khumbula tribe, which is scattered all over Johannesburg. You find some of their descendent in the north and the south of this city, their kingdom is made up of men and women who were known all over Johannesburg as the urban drifters 

Some settled in northern township called Alexandra –Gamapyeyane and surrounding suburbs like Yeoville also known as Malalaituka, which is the home of night life and all things African. Rocky Street in Yeoville is the place to be, from early the 90’s it has always been a vibrant and Africa’s exchange hub, where different tribes share and embrace their uniqueness .the street is paved with various African fabrics like kente cloth and other colorful African prints.
No wonders the people of Khumbula have so much variety in their dress code 
You can also locate the Khumbula tribe in the southwestern township popularly known Soweto the home of jazz and the embassy of fashion. 

The people of khumbula are known all over JHB for their love of tailored clothes and well fitted shining shoes .if you would like to know more about the Khumbula tribe take time to visit their on-line IP address at Khumbula under the word-press umbrella. www.khumbula.wordpress.com.

Long story short I am amazed, if not impressed by these collective of passionate illustrators of my time. Life belongs to those who seize the era and make something out of that time.

You’ve got the last word.

“Clothing isn’t rocket science, it’s not even a science. Certainly, there are accepted ways of doing things, accepted codes of dress, but the more you know about such things, the more you may be able to play with convention. You can learn all you want about history, decorum and what’s appropriate, technical details. And perhaps that’s important if you’re intending to tell others how to dress or pass judgment on how they dress, so that you know what you’re talking about. But as for yourself and personal style, ask yourself: Do you like clothes? Do you feel good in what you’re wearing? Then perhaps you don’t need to ask any more questions about what works for you.”

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