Goodfellas of Khumbula are at it again this time around they harness the crown around the deeper shades of a historic township called Alexandra. It was magic meet the eyes, Jesus meet Mandela type of drama, far from reality it was Bantu science fiction scripted on the dairy of the mad dapper Dan. On this other scene the people of Khumbula took charge and tailored a new era for our Jehovah’s Witnesses, it was something the lord made . after getting a gleams of all the raw frames from that shoot I was touched and over whelmed by how Harness Hamese projected emotions on all his images , it was like my soul was shuffled as the I look at this images on my time line this was by far one of the most memorable collaborations Khumbula has taken with other entities . shout out to the Bespoke PHR and 90sKids for creating this deja vu with the people of Khumbula . Even thou the people of Khumbula still refer to themselves as the news kids on the block , I still value what they put on their blog, and it’s breath of fresh after the holocaust . they kill the scene unaware, it’s the aim is not to sweat kind of vibe ;my shoes are too clean for this dance floor .but you got to stand up and say HI to the brass band of Alexandra avenues. The canvases were empty , everybody had to splash the paint and pose for the truth to unfold . it was that moment when you have to be an outcast and live up to the expectations of life .you just had to be there when the shutter speed catches up with your alter ego for the day . it was light camera passion , who next? Khumbula has been waiting on the queue to check in the chess game of dressing up as queens and kings of this kingdom Let me just give them time to settle in and abracadabra the runway till then I will ask mama how do I look before I hit the street cause this Khumbula clique is really dressing up the high ways and it looks like it’s either their way or the freeway .

Phirima. Motaung of Khumbula


till next time , for now let me E-toll my wardrobe and keep on kissing all the fine dolls


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