High as in Hi, everyone please fasten your seatbelt, stow your tray tables and make sure your seat is in its upright and locked position and please don’t mind me as I’m already high on cloud nine, what you about to experience is an elevated conversation between my other half and the elders of Afrika, we went head to head about what will happen to our heritage and it’s not so purple history which is vulnerable to the idealist, scholar and other dummies who think Africa’s future belongs to the famous Avalon, but It was very clear to me that’s this institutionalized syllabus are way out of line; they need to upgrade and tune into Khumbula’s frequencies for some monumental memoirs of the current Africa. For those who are new to the scene Khumbula is a group of young visionaries who advocate for a well cut Africa, the sartorial Africa, remember the golden age of Drum magazine, remember the well-spoken Patrice Lumumba, they are descendent of such figures and icons and I’m still yet to find young people who are so optimistic about the future of this continent like they are; on their previous project they collaborated with a well knownNamibian fashion designer by the name of Loux the vintage Guru. It was nothing but crimes of passion committed in full view those entire pessimists who pray for the downfall of the African kingdom. The current generations of African offspring’s are making moves that will preserve and revolutionize how the world looks at Africa. From now on thou shall not dress this continent in bloody war outfit because Africa is now married to a gentleman. As the people of Khumbula continue dressing up the voluptuous Africa in well cut majestic couture. Can I pray rainfall to brain wash those who are still ignorant and persist about our future! Clenched fist in the air screaming Ma iBuye iAfrica.

Yours truly from Khumbula headquarters.

Steve Bantu Biko once said “ it better to die for an idea that will live forever done to live for  an idea that will die “.

Phirima Motaung


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