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Khumbula lives on…… as Khumbula we decided we needed some time to reconsider what we have to offer to our audience in this fast digital sphere we live in and it took us quite some time to get our mojo and we feel this just might be it. so to our old followers apologies are in order and salutes for the loyalty, for our new followers ‘The Africa you don’t see on tv is back on screen’.

Photography by:  T. Hamese



IMG_7015 Combing these streets for inspiration via the wardrobes of strangers is the name of the game, running into people like Andile Biyana is what I call a home run. As interesting and complex as menswear is, I find womenswear intriguing in terms of boundaries and limitless it is to experimenting. Many will quickly label Andile’s style as “vintage”, as loosely as that label is used it’s really an intricate play on pattern and drape, simplicity conveyed with a strong pinch of confidence. I love Andile’s approach to her wardrobe, and her personality doesn’t stray too far from amazing.

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Black History Tribute

Lest we forget, lest we ever forget

Blood bleeds from our own hands.

Lest we live with regrets, live bitter regret

Blood on the leaves, seeps into the land

Seeds fed on the sweat of black brows

Blood bled from fallen angels on ominous clouds

Gaves whitewashed they forgot

But black history marched on

Stained and ingrained in mind from hand

So much we overcame, so few understand




Buried and forgotten in shallow graves

Chained and enslaved

A little change makes it all stay the same

New chains, economic new slaves

Graves whitewashed they forgot

But black history kept on marching on

Sophisticated slavery and invisible shackles

The war wages on, battle after battle

How will you experience emancipation 

When the mansion you lust for,

was built on the damned plantation

Graves whitewashed they forgot

But black history keeps marching on.

Anthony Bila

Pretorian Nostalgia

Photography by :Harness Hamese #Khumbula #Pretoria #GreatGauteng #L.I.A

Photography by :Harness Hamese

Pretorian Nostalgia



#LouxTheVintageGuru #HarnessHamese #Khumbula #L.I.A




#PretorianNostalgia #L.I.A, #Khumbula, #HarnessHamese,#LourensGebhardt,#PhirimaMotaung, #BafanaMthembu, #AndileBiyana, #DavidMaledimo